My Life Is Like a Movie

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There’s a big cry
With my name on it
And it’s coming my way
‘Cause I lost my Queen today

You know lately I find
When I look upon it
My travels unravel
Like they’re up there on a screen

My life is like a movie
And I’m starring in it
But I’m not sure if I am the hero or the fool
My life is like a movie
Changes every minute
And I don’t know the ending
But I’m in every scene

From the opening shot
It’s been Technicolor
Love and high adventure
Murder and mystery
G rated to X
Treasures lost and found
It’s like what’s real is on some reel
Spinning round and round and round


I never know what I will see
A tragedy, a drama, or a comedy
Oh, as it’s happening to me
The only thing for certain is I don’t know what’s to be

Yeah, the Queen is gone
But the Lost Prince has returned
Her goodbye was sweeter
‘Cause she saw his face
Now the film rolls on
Close up on me
Staring out an open window
At the open sea


Writer/s: Jamie Wollam / Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon / Pat Lennon