My Little War (My Big Disgrace)

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But money is easy
it's like the fresh meat in the ocean
attracting hungry sharks
Everyone wants their share
but it's worse in the jungle
It's not the surviving instinct
it's the wish for power
so hard to be satisfied
They just want my blood but I´m ready
my best friend is still here
I know there are no winners in a war
But here is my place
I can't run away
what can I do ?
I can only fight !
Look, the invaders are leaving
we won, this is still my place
we are stronger now
and I´m still the king of the fantasy land
I´m feel so good
I´m the king
Nothing can stop us, nothing can stop us …
But what I see makes my soul freeze
It's not a hungry shark
But a 15-year-old innocence
that lies on the ground

Writer/s: Ricardo Parronchi