My Lova/Movement

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Won't you come ride with me my lady
Maybe you can be my lova, say baby be my lova
Yeah yeah

Say baby are you called my lady
It's about 80 degrees and my ac is acting shady
Why you got on them clothes covering up your body
You can lose them trust me you'll still be a super hottie
Say ma I know you're a superstar
But there's someone down here who swears he don't know who you are
I'm gon' introduce you girl don't act like that
I'm just playing you know I'm just saying that to make you mad

Won't you be my lova, my lova
Won't you be my lova, my lova

Say baby if I pinch you here
Will the other respond like a twin would
And on a scale from 1 to 10 I give both ya babies 12
Like my kenwoods'
Hey lova do you see another
It's just me so why you hiding under all them covers
Bring them 12s on over
I'll touch till chill bumps gather around just to see what's popping
Then there will be no stopping, ah nah babe
U on fire ma and that's all I want
Touch the CD player and let's see what's on
Lets dance while we sip come on you and me
All I'm saying is can we get closer baby

Won't you be my lova won't you be my lova baby
Won't you be my lova won't you be my lova baby

Say lova
If I find another spot on your body I can connect the dots and draw the covers
You know that ya candy candy eye don't mind getting my covers sticky
If I happen to watch your frame don't be ashamed to get loud and kickin'
If you need to call my name do ya thang truth be told
If I have to call ya name that means that one night of united souls

Baby won't you please be my if you really don't mine won't you be my lova'