My Night Sky

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As Miss Tender looks back,
She writes a love letter,
From the future,
Making no attempt to obscure her,
Her desire,
Her desire to live in the past,

Oh my night sky,
Is full of stars of David,
Oh they all try,
To catch my eye and show me what they're made of,
But I already know,
I know that they're old,
I know that an old star has a soul,

When I die,
A laser beam sent back a box for you,
And tucked inside,
Was a photograph of all the things we meant to do,
But never found the time,
In your heart you know how hard I try,
Look above you know where I reside,
In my night sky,

She wants him to understand,
That they had unearthed each other,
And the scars endured,
Because the stars alive in her,

That cursed wish,
That I made,
On an eyelash,
It changed forever my destiny,
It's still coming true,
It's still getting the best of me,
I cannot get rid of it,
I cannot get rid of it,

At the top of a hill,
A small clearing in the rain,
Thunder and lightning all around,
He was a gentleman in every sense of the word,
It was our town,

All colour was erased by the light of the moon,
It was only a light rain,
We got not soaked through or anything

Writer/s: Melora Creager

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