My Sarajevo One

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We're all loathe
To let our feelings show
But there are things we can't disguise.

You maintain
You carry no more pain
But you betray it in your eyes.

The thing I treasure the most
Whenever we're close
Is how you lay beside me.

Seeing you there
Showing not a care
Makes the tears well up inside me.

'Cause believe it or not
I haven't forgotten
Where you're really from
Through pleasure and pain
You will always remain
My Sarajevo One.

You always tell me
In this land of plenty
That you want for nothing more.

No-one here
Can resurrect your fear
The've no experience of war.

But still you cry in your sleep
The scars run so deep
Not even God can heal them.

The most I can do
Is to help you though
In the hope that you won't feel them.

'Cause from that moment we met
I'll never forget
Just where you're really from
I cherish the day
That you chose to stay
My Sarajevo One.

In the rubble of millions of spirits broken
The miracle of your radiant heart survives.

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