From Zero


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I Started Listening to
My Voice of Reason
And You Know It Tells Me
Every Time Just to Walk Away
But Suddenly I Found Myself
With My Back Against the Wall
And Every Little Thing
Tears Me Up Inside
There's Something Good
That Will Come of This
And I Know It's True
It's Like the Time
I Once Had Before
I Fell Into You
All By Myself These Days
I Feel the Circle Coming Back Around
And Don't You Know It's Telling Me
What's in Sight
There Was a Time
When I Could Not Decide the Reasons Why
Everybody Goes Through This
There's Got to Be Something Beautiful
In This World of Mine
Search For the Meaning and When We're Close
We Run Out of Time
All By Myself, I'll Take You For a While
All By Myself These Days
Come Full Circle
Search For Meaning
Hope For Something
As We Run and We Run Out of Time

Writer/s: From Zero