Ahead to the Sea

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Mr Politician talking
Phrases tonight on the TV
About things men do and have to be done
And we're at war. We? And bullshit-something
They are all the same and this makes me sick
They are telling lies knowing we know it
Oh it's all for our security
It's just your favour, so don't say "We"
Who "We", who do you mean...
What about me?

I distance myself from things I'm ashamed
I was never asked nor
Signed with my name
I have to scream out
I don't have a choice
This does not mean that I give you my voice

Mr Politician wondering
Where's all voters and our interests
To tell you the truth about this
We lie with the people we trust in our beds
And you pretend, when you come round here
Taking serious our hope and fear
But it's all money and power you like
I'll never trust your shop assistant smile
I never trust... I never trust you
Do you know why talk like this
'cause they share their beds and kiss
All the arses of our industry
But what about me?

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