My Warrior

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(verse 1)

Lonely cries and crucified tears
Terror slices from darkened graves
The moon cries over desperate years
"every right" my warrior
devils run from my warrior.

(verse 2)

Prayers kiss this requiem
hunger grovels at feet gone before
no regrets - not these young men
"every right" my warrior
Devils run from my warrior.

(verse 3)

Jesus whispers in the trenches
Souls are summoned in a dark divide
guts and fists - a parent clenches
now my own is on his way
"every right" my warrior
devils run from my warrior

(verse 4)

Anguish sides with the innocents
rain engulfs healthy marrow
mortal secrets told in confidence
not this time, my warrior

(verse 5)
Sinners howl at the nothingness
spirits drink down a thirsty toll
Now its selfish I must confess
sweet twilight for my warrior
devils pass on my warrior

(verse 6)

Ambush waits - Raven's last chance
watch the crossfire -hold on one more day
bargains made in midnight penance
watch your back now, my warrior .
get your friends out, my warrior


No more time for their childhood toys
thanks to God, and these soldier boys
"every right we now enjoy"
keeps the eyes of heaven crying...
"Thousand yard stare" - grew up hard and fast
more flags are flying here at half-mast
Poured in blood - this hymn is cast...
"every right" my warrior
devils run from my warrior
"every right" my warrior
devils run hard from my warrior

(bridge &. outro)

Take me back to the simple years
you're too young to cry these tears
swallow back ' my growing fears
I'm at peace now my warrior
Fate just return my warrior
My child my warrior.
I'll just say "thank you" to my warrior.