Above the law

My World

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You know, it's been ten years in the making
And we working towards ten more years to come
Puttin' it down with that serious hustle, you know what I'm sayin'?
Above The Law, this is our world
So while we up in here
why don't you set it off?

Can y'all relate with this one, dwelling on the night before
Waking up kinda salty on my homie K-OSS bathroom floor
Picture this, 30 niggaz, Lexes, Benzes
And at 12 'o clock, we gon' do it again
And tell the world how the clinic must be toasted
Forever low-riding, loving life, West coasted
Jump into the shower, make sure the xxx is clean
Funky fresh A.T.L gear, you know what I mean?
Pump my stereo, so Hutch, hit me by the studio
Listen to my niggaz from the block, local demo, some
Donna Karan, or Joe in the air
When they mix with some chronic, those hookers don't care
G.S.-ing while I'm thinking 'bout some hoe shit
No question I'mma flip my funky flow shit
I show shit
Niggaz know the time, cause they killed a crime victim
Yes, we choose the lick, get the homies
Then we stick 'em, yeah
Don't get mad because you bought a fake chicken
Maybe next time, y'all can do the goddamn lickin'
Oh yes, we spends your ends, and we spends it good
We coppin' havin OG's in the hood
With all the rats that you know
And all the hookers that you used to go to school with, yeah
They all count a fifth
So relax and just chill and play the role
And be another girl getting sexed in my world

Do your stuff
Play your game
See your world
See your world

So why don't you take a toke off the Endo
And step into my world?
Top down, on the side, double O as I hurl
Situation's kinda sticky on the dove side
So when I who ride, keep it on the love side
Straight P-town player for life, I told you before
Fool, I'm all-a-that, you better ask your hoe
Cause she be knowing how the clinic patrol
She be my top notch hooker when she on a stroll
it's kinda cold, but if you put it in perspective
Either you respect this, or either you get checked, bitch
See I'm real, I'm realer than my triple gold 100 spokes
Realer that the ?? that the Ese's quote
So if you got the green eye with the triple beamer
Call me up, I get you weight, I get you airtight
?Peruvia, I'm trying to her
Caviar in a mansion,?
I'm making moves, see I'm expanding
Cause ain't nothing in this world like being broke
I'd rather be standing on the other side of gunsmoke
And see I never ever ever been to the curb
I puts it down, I go for mine
It's my world, for real

Do your stuff
Play your game
See your world
See your world

Writer/s: George Hutchison / K. Cross / Kevin Gulley

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