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I'ma ruffle some feathers with this shit here mane,
Rich nigga shit, you out yo league,
Keep that broke shit over there, this nacho league,
Porker face and molly mean,
Seven liter, v12, this nacho speed,
Fast lane, race you, beat you out yo car,
You ain't got no pink slip, that's nacho car

I'm caked up, I don't give no fuck,
You can only cover me in yo club, this nacho club,
We own this bitch, this nacho shit,
Plenty trips, make the cheddar, I'm on my nacho shit,
Take money, I'm macho hoe,
If I finess you out yo dough, that's nacho dough

You said that was yours, survey said, that's nachos,
You said that you run the town, streets say, that's nachos,
You say she yo girl, she say she (nachos),
Tell by how we play, she (nachos),
Extra mozzarella (nachos), heavy on the cheddar (nachos),
A1 extra cheese (nachos), pour it on deck (nachos),
All these fuckin chips (nachos), all these fuckin' chips (nachos)

She's everybody girl, she ain't mine, she nachos,
First come, first serve, count the nachos,
Told you we ain't goin steady, I'm nacho type,
Babe you lookin for a dude, I'm still nacho guy,
Yeah I fucked her, please say that's nacho wife,
Perpetratin a real nigga, boy that's nacho life,
Twin rugers on me now, I'ma hooligan,
Walk up in the spot, they be like oh not you again

Yeah it's me, colossal dough,
Nigga want beef, frito lay him, nacho dough,
Favorite food is chicken, chop it cover the tacos,
Add some mozzarella and cheddar, nachos,
Yeah no cromprende, oh you talkin' about that,
Oh oh, that's nacho cheese, it's mines
Extra cheddar, preferably dorito, big bag

You say she yo girl, she say she
(Nachos), tell by how we play,
She (nachos), extra mozzarella (nachos)
Heavy on the cheddar (nachos),
A1 extra cheese (nachos), pour it on deck (nachos),
All these fuckin chips (nachos)
All these fuckin' chips (nachos)