59 Times The Pain

Need No Alibi

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1, 2, 3, go!

To how things used to be we say goodbye
To how things used to be we say goodbye
No use holding on so we say goodbye
Give it your best shot and you need no alibi

Lost the feeling and lost the joy for something that used to be everything
Holding on to what we think is right which in the end turns out to be nothing
We're so afraid of letting go letting go of what is wrong
Afraid of wrecking our reputation nothing but weak acting strong

It's credibility vs reality
And the greatest fear called failure
You've got nothing to lose

What's the point of being true if you can't be true to yourself?
Sell our ways is what we oughtta do as long as we don't sell ourselves
Rejection must be put aside without stakes you can't win
You decide what it's gonna be make a change or give in

Choices to make, choices to take
In life you need to rearrange
There's only one permanent thing in life
And that my friend that is change change change change!

Writer/s: 59 Times the Pain

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