Tift Merritt


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I saw you with somebody, that you don't love
You like to show her off, you like to think highly of
The easy mistake that you made, she's a friend of a friend
A pretty fight in a dress, just a goodbye again

Baby, you can't run round
Honey, it don't look good
Baby, you can't run round
With just anybody in the neighborhood

It's someone else's dishes, someone else's window
Someone else's engine, underneath someone else's radio
I know what they told you. Cause I've seen the way that they do
I'm sick of the hard way. I'm gonna walk right up to you
(Tell you, honey)


Go on and take my midnight
Go on and take it down
Go on, give it away, baby
To the stranger you are living for
What stranger are you living for, now?



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