An Albatross

Neon Guru

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White light
Ends strife

Neon lights
Ceased nights

Sit with the Guru.
Goddess is,
Goddess is,
Goddess is
High Vibrations!

"What the message is here, and what I'm talkin' about:
Intoxication through high vibrations.
And like I said before,
we're gonna send it on down-
break it down, yes we will.
And from what I've been told,
Terpsichore & Her friends
are comin' over tonight-
and we're gonna feel alright.
Buzzin' & Reelin',
Shakin & Feelin',
This is my favorite part.

I'm feelin' feelin' alright!
Buzzin', Reelin', Uptight!

"This beat, let's bounce."

Writer/s: An Albatross

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