Neva Switch

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This niggas ain't no gangtas
These niggas more like some wankstas
Way before the rapping I'm way prone to clap 'em
I come from underworld ratchets the ones
That fit in my baggage
The ones you take, and you ask
And I ask them niggas don't brag it

I fight but never stab 'em
Niggas constantly bragging
On murders they don't commit you heard it
And plus your snitch
And partners if you think you're real
Niggas be playing roles
I'm sick of the crack and hoes
Niggas up on the corner
Corner be like a coroner
I come and place your order

Coming back next morning, like I'm mr. Rogers
Out my t-shirt, bow tie, niggas fly
I'm fly to the point niggas die and they cry
Bitches lie, saying they fucked me
Them bitches lying
Probably licked my mustache
Half of them girls tried
I bust back, four five
Make 'em see two times

See two nines, women, this is six twenty
Bitch I got perfect eyes
Mind dark, brown like the wood, I'm og
I got new guns
Shit that make you go pee
Niggas going to war
But they don't want beef
And why these niggas lying?
Trying to die in their own movie
Move, man, you feel me?

I tried my whole damn life
And I'm still trying
How it feel to be on trial
You lost your life
Put it in the air man, alright
It's fair game boys don't do it right
How I sleep at night knowing niggas shist?
I know I bust a boy grape
Put the pistol to his face
Man his face is the same place that you wake

Wake him up, drink the coffee, fuck smelling
I try nothing, who am I? I'm just real
Cause I done did that, did that, did that
Take that, break that, mayhem
Shit, asap, ace said
Get that click clack, yeah, lay his face at
Asap, and I'm a ride on him, boy, like the race track
Why I got so much anger?
Victimized by a stranger
Now I got thirty guns
Tempered to bang 'em

It's a lot of segregation, I'm tempted to hang 'em
Spot a man, I sense danger
My lawyer on the phone, he help me with situations
He told me be cool and
Stay out of them confrontations
Save a lotta money instead of leaving them bloody
Unstead of taking his soul
Better man, you just go, smoke and go home
Go take that long road
We'll get your mind right, bruh, fuck them assholes

Niggas took losses man that's how the game goes
Niggas switchen they roles, people lie and they troll
Try to take control, you would never know
You would never know
You would never know
That's how the game goes
You would never know
Before I lay him down to rest
I sleep with my vest on my chest
My chest piece complements my fresh

You ain't never seen a killer pretty bitch
With a bad bitch, he look better than who?
You got me fucked up, your girls wear make up
Lil b, natural, I'm a thief with a passion, wronged in my past
I peed in beds, so I went to the bruce
So I didn't bust heads
And I ain't just bread
I ain't just scared of the feds
You feel me? It's for the haters
That want me dead
This for the haters that want me dead

This for the motherfucking haters
That want me dead
But as long as my niggas here
Man, I'm never leaving earth
I rep based world 'till the end
That's my real friends
Niggas switch up and they snitch

Man, I see you bitch
You feel me man?
I think I'm kareem campbell
Because I never switch
I think I'm kareem campbell
Because I never switch
I think I'm kareem campbell
Cause I never switch