Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

New Year's Kiss

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Woke up with fingers crossed
In a boy's bed with your pants off.
After polite declines of coffee and toast,
Walked home itching in last night's clothes.

Past the Phone Booth and the Beauty Bar,
The broken windows of your neighbors' cars.
Through the backdoor to a message from Sis,
Asking, "Who was your New Year's kiss?"

Took the afternoon to piece it all,
Plus a half a dozen phone calls.
Crashed a party with Larissa and Chris
In pursuit of a New Year's kiss.

Not the way that you'd imagined it.
On a balcony with champagne lips.
But in a pantry against the pancake mix,
You had your New Year's kiss.

Writer/s: Owen Ashworth

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