The Bluetones

Nifkin's Bridge

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In this town the people can be ignorant and cruel,
And no one ever seems to miss her,
Honest words don't know the damage they can do,
Truth has no rhyme, has no reason,
'cause it's moving away from you,
'cause it's moving away.

Strange the way the years have left no mark on you,
But stolen all the fight within you,
Where is the child that was to teach us how to fly,
Now that you can not begin to,
Is she moving away from you,
Is she moving away.

A thousand aimless roads have taken me away,
Miles of foreign way behind me,
And though you know i'm just a phone number away,
I wonder if you'll ever find me,
'cause i'm moving away from you,
I am moving away,
'cause i'm moving away from you,
I am moving away.

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