Vienna Teng

Never Look Away

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Detect my sudden existence on your sonar
You feel the echo
Electrify the resistance in your broken heart
And burn it up, oh
We’re gonna photosynthesize and drink up the sunrise

So do they ever shut up because you said so or
Do you overthink ’em all
Somebody ought to corrupt you on the dance floor
And take you home
Show you all your daemons and desires and dark sides
All of your colonies and continental divides

Let me uncover the silver in your dark hair
The weight of your bones
I want to witness the beauty of your repair
The shape you’ve grown
For you are made of nebulas and novas and night sky
You’re made of memories you bury or live by

So if you’re out there in the cold
I’ll cover you in moonlight
If you’re a stranger to your soul
I’ll bring you to your birthright
I want the storm inside you awoken now
I want your warm bright eyes
To never look away
Don’t you ever look away

Some nights we open up the flood
And some nights we are lost
And some nights we’re choking on the words
But some we light on fire

If you’re out there in the cold

I want your warm bright eyes
To come back to me
And hold on to me
You know I won’t lie
I will never look away

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