Rockie Fresh

Never Never

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Never never had so much to gain, and throw it all away
And if I ever had the chance again, I'd probably do the same
Singing oh, I won't let you go
Singing oh, I

[Verse 1:]
Okay, it's Rockie checking in, I'm loving what I got
I'm about to run the game until this muh'fucker drops
And you can have it all, but you'll never take my spot
Plus my flow a lil dirty, I suggest you bring a mop
Staying clean and low key, has always been a win for me
Clearing all the drama and the attacks of my enemies
If I die today and this should ever be the end of me
I'm grateful for the things that I've already begin to see
From sold out stages, to magazine pages
Not even twenty-one when I shut down Vegas
An independent nigga getting love from hella majors
And I did it own my own, ain't down with taking favors
I am self-taught (God made)
Worked hard (got paid)
Show love (why hate?)
Get it now (why wait?)
Shit, you gotta know your time is of the essence
If you say you got a gift, make them appreciate your presence


[Verse 2:]
Okay they thought that I would fail, they only see me making it
Even when I chill, I'm getting more dough than they can get
Yeah, I'm in the game but, I never really play for shit
Kwame Brown money niggas saying, "I get paid to sit"
And we smoking on good, fuck them bad vibes
And all of my niggas fresh men, like the Fab Five
We don't put the time out, they just put the time in
Now we getting old paper, young niggas grinding
And we stay everywhere the change go
We don't really walk much, but we ain't old-aged though
All the old heads fuck with me like Kangol
Had to switch it up I try not to use the same flow
My shit ridiculous
Real question is how sick is this
I come through straight dick your bitch
Then I pull off in an expensive whip
Driving 88, I'm riding out
I don't give a damn what you're talkin' 'bout
I gotta get back to them large amounts, so I never go back to down and out