Adrian Bourgeois

New December

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Someone plays and his love sings along
It's all she can do to remember the song
So she makes up words
That he feels he's heard

Leaving footprints they won't see again
A self imposed exile but why not pretend
The nostalgia burns
Like the bridge they burned

So goodbye summer
It's all snow tomorrow
But before we're away
Let's pray for the new December

She makes him laugh and he laughs like a child
Who would have thought laughter could grow in the wild
But they feel at home
In the great unknown

And it's only the weather
That shapes their forever
And grants them this day
To pray for the new December

They held in their hands the keys to the underground
But they sold it for daylight
Now she's holding his hand as he tells her she can keep the crown
With her back towards the kingdom she looks like a queen tonight

He shakes his head at the words that she sings
Those same words betrayed both the coup and the king
Just the day before
All for love for sure

Now the winter's screaming
And the last boat's leaving
But before we're away
Let's pray for the new December

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