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(voz e letra: Gregório)

You can find a path with glory behind this ghost that comes and goes
My hands will blur outside to show how things must grow
Confrontation in a heart bled will be the way to purify you
Sunshine for new tomorrow under the sun once makes you low

Trust me, I'll let my soul with the flow making believe my love is coming along
so take tour last breath when I'm counting on you 'cause we have the seed we spit the poison from that pill
Crossing my life you stand by me, shocking someone I've called my enemy
Bring me back from my broken past as I sleep in the valley of death with my dark old mask

New tomorrow
To take the task

Compassion- Never to make you see what's close to it's eyes and inside of me
Relation- I'm on my own trying to get rid of this bizarre will
Nine ways- Making my blood spill while my medula drills

God so far destination
Joy...Joy comes so cleary
Scars come to separate things
Above heart really shinning

My face into the knife to cut over your spine
Changing the way you live forcing me to stay alive
Thinking of you fade to black, none of your thoughts can take the hope back

A force that comes with life...A force for you to rise.

Writer/s: Gregorio

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