New Worlds Hero

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Many roads I’ve covered
Many nights far from my bed
Searching for the miracle
Or also only a word
My search is over now, fortune teller is in front me
Come and tell me what you see, teach me what I must be

New world’s hero
Passing through the evil zone
Where pain is very own
I don’t have second thoughts
No space for the doubt
My search is over now
Fortune teller is in front me
Come on, tell me, what you see
Teach me what I must be

New World’s hero
And now I’m not afraid, I can see clear on my future
And no more cry on
sail on
trying to ground a brand new world to come
New world’s hero


I want to know
The role and the truth
When I have seen the falling star
Searching for what
You want I become
Something that I cannot be


Save you from the hero
A hero I’ll become

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