Lost and Found

Nice to Know

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Lord, They Must Have Called It Scandal,
The Way That You Would Live.
It Was More Than They Could Handle,
And More Than They Could Forgive.

You Turned Around Their Tables,
You Refused to Throw the Stone.
A King Born in a Stable,
Who Faced His Death Alone.

And Its So Nice to Know You Know
Its So Nice to Know You Know
Its So Nice to Know You Know You Know to Know You Know.

But, Lord, the Very People
Who Say Your Word Is True,
Sometimes These Very People
Make Me Feel What You Went Through.
How Could They Be So Blind,
How Could They Not See
In One Breath Say They Love You, Lord,
And in the Next Breath They Hate Me.


How Much Does It Take, Lord?
I Don't Know How Much Farther I Can Go.
All That I Can Say, Lord,
Is That Its Nice to Know You Know.


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