Lowest Of The Low

Night Of The Living Assholes

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A haze is in bloom
Alone in my room
And the only relief is that you're not here too
The moon is on fire
The night of the living assholes
A truth has been born, it's tattered and torn
Think it over

Brendan's afraid
That Sheila got laid
She crashed and she burned all the plans that he'd made
Now he's tossin' 'em down like some suicidal clown
And I'm fuckin' bored
Of being a lifeguard
So, kick it over

Is that a foot in your mouth?
Or are you just glad to see me?
Yeah, I've been waiting all night
For someone to come and bore me
What part of the word no
Do you have trouble understanding?
Oh, baby, baby, I gotta go

My lights are flashing, my ship is sailing
I think my train is derailing

Sometimes I feel like a clown
Sometimes I feel like a saviour
I guess that don't justify my anti-social behaviour
But there's a wire in my head
A white lightning solution
Forget the books that I've read
I'll kick your teeth in, you beat my head in
Wait for the wisdom to set in

It's such a gas
Slumming with the working class
For painters and sisters
Let's wind him up and see if he cracks
The street's full of glass
The night of the living assholes
Don't waste your energy on me
You fuckin' phony p.b.
Or I'll kick it over

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