No More Heroes

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Looking back on a cloudy day
You watched your world crash down
From the choices you've made
Eyes open wide to reveal a world full of hatred
A world full of war
A vicious cycle, they call it life
A vicious ending, no wrong or right
For all the ones that ever doubted me
Here's a big fuck you to your reality
These are the things that I have come to know
A broken heart and an empty soul
I'll take your pride, I'll break the skin
I came to conquer, we are pure fucking sin
Another being of this world, another ugly face to walk this earth
I hold the secrets of life, the untold and the known
The bitter empty spot that sits inside your soul
That I will fill with negative memories, and you shall be
You shall be set free
I tell the story of an angry man who thinks of no one but himself
He brings the violence
It makes him feel alone, it builds inside
It's running through his veins, it builds inside
Creating motives that will push away his friends
You will always be alone