Abra Moore

No Slow Rollin'

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[Intro: man speaking]
In seconds, letters we write
In minutes, a line or two
An hour perhaps a paragraph
In a day, with a page, we're thru
Then comes the weeks and then the months
As time goes marching on

[Verse 1: Kaoz]
This is the rule & main concern in plain English
For these are those who are supposed and intent
To listen and sign and go, with the set tempo
but no!
You talking like a big man but, you're just a small fry
But why you'd wanna throw me off with the wild lie?
But now I've had it up to here with the bullshit
I'm throwing you a shovel… now YOU shovel it!
The questionnaire of a person I see seems to be all about
When's the album coming out?
I never know what to do, or what say
So I say "Like any given year" or "Like any other day"
When I go make a song, man go get it tested
People always ask me "How come that's not a record?"
Or "Can I get a copy, I gotta tape right here"
And I laugh to myself because I made this early last year

When it's time to roll…

I'm tired of slow rollin'

[Verse 2: Chino XL]
Now once again
You've fallen to a dimension that's horrifying
Rappers be glorifying
Cus Origin is never trying
To R&B they ears off
On stage soft
Crossover, Water, Assaulter, I slaughter, pop with hardcore
People ask for autographs, sometimes I laugh
At times my album's four years late
Well lets accelerate/ 'XL'arate!
People in this industry ain't nothing but scavengers
Sweating that Marky Mark shit, dissin' my manager
You can't beat beef, Fold me, Control me
It'll take more that rubbin' a log on Apollo stage to hold me
Mayors don't give a damn cus they on that salaries
That explains the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide personalities
People say "Chino, why should we put you on a pedestal?"
Cus I was writing rhymes why you was collecting stuffed animals
In a matter of months you bluff, I caught flowing
Chino XL mad ass hell, I'm tired of slow rollin'

When its time to roll

[Chino XL]: (repeat 4x)
Tired of slow rollin'

Take it man! (Repeat 4x)
Take the thing man!

[Verse 3: Kaoz]
As many people as I know, that are up there
They try to be a big will, but they really scared
That someone like myself voices their opinion
To be truthful and do it as an option
And I say option because I decide to take it now
I get where I want someway, somehow
And if I take it to the streets now it goes underground
When I go major, I get the major runaround
The power of God!
He watches over me
Makes me what we are, of the Origin
See, the 6-23, the ending of a game
Kaoz is the name that I use, fuse
To abuse and bring an abrupt end
To those that are stuck in the mud
I'm tired of slow rollin'

(Scratching) (repeat 2x)
When it's time to roll

(Girl sample)
Cus they envy us, they try imitate us

[Verse 4: Chino XL]
I'm pushing the pedal to the ground while you rewind
Mine, your album's a joke but I still don't get the punch line
But I figure it's cus of ignorance
I'm causing the violence starts
Silence in the dark!
Butcher's knife is sharp!
You walk thru the park!
6-25 is know to cause ???? foe's disaster
Then I relax and laughed at cus he goes "I'm mace & plaster"
So who in the hell is gonna take away my reputation
I'll be the prince until I choose to leave the title vacant
And personally
I think I treated you mercifully
Cus suckas keep making records that sound like commercials for me
I laugh at your list and break your compact disk... you missed
You try to get pissed and you're risking your lips to this: my fist
I lay down a mine like a Palestine Einstein
And keep you around cus I'm down for a shoeshine
People telling me be patient, relax and be cool
When my carrier is rolling like a tear, trying like and old mule
Brothers make jokes, folks said we couldn't make it
They said ? so I guess we had to take it
Chino XL 6-25, Kaoz 6-23
For Trace 9-11 will go down in history

I ain't rollin' slow

Yeah, I'm tired of slow rollin'

[Chino XL]
Yo, Profile is slow rollin, you know what I'm saying?

My man Mark Goldstein is not slow rollin
Rick Ruben is not slow rollin
My man Dan Charnas is not slow rollin, nuh'msayin
East Orange is not slow rollin

No, my man Clint Robbins, he's slow