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I found a picture of you and me
From 1989 when we
Shared the world together
Happy as teens could be
Life's a whirlwind and time's a whore
I pick our past up off the floor
I write these lines just in case
I don't see you no more
Maybe you're married
You've got it made
Maybe you're famous
Or just get played
Maybe you showed up at our show
But maybe I will never know
No, I will never know
'cause' you're somewhere
Where I can't go
A million miles away
Or right here next to me
I've tried so many times
To find the home that once was mine
A million miles away or
Right here next to me
[end chorus]
Just one sign is all I want
To move on where we started from
I've tried as hard as I could try
Not even sure you're still alive
What's with all that we once shared
Please forgive me but I care
I scream as loud as I can scream
But you don't hear me
I survived our separation
But I can't wait for all time
All I need is a little information
So I can leave it behind

Writer/s: 4Lyn