Mustard Plug

Not Again

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Since the day I met you
I couldn't forget you
Put my mind right into a blender
Cause I couldn't understand you
I worked and I fretted
I mentally sweated
Put my brain on overdrive
Worked my mind just to make you mine

Seems the more I learn
Through my troubles and stuff
The most important fact
Is that I think, i think too much

My goal was then drafted
The seduction was crafted
I executed my strategy
But you never would come to me
Every course had been taken
So my hope was forsaken
But when ambition was thrown away
It was then that you came my way

It's causing me trouble
It's costing me double
The price I pay is my sanity
Author of my own tragedy
Try to fix what ain't broken
Voice out what's been spoken
Gotta learn just to let it go
Instead of fighting the undertow.