A Breach On Heaven

Not Coming Down

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I'm down on your side with your everlasting heart.
Your half attempts were so persistent from the start.
Making believe.
Making the same trail over & over.
Making believe.
I caught you when your spring collapsed inside your mind.
Fully accept the burden's easy & joke light.
Easy to drown. easy to mankind.
Easy to dwell. easy to follow.
When i think you're with me.
In the sense of the word, you're everything more.
Maybe you're caught up in 'rested assured'.
Won't you believe you're all i see.
Ah, never mind, comma, dash, 2, 3.
I blow my mind on top of you.
I show you what i want, too.
Everything eases in mind with you.
Everything meets with everything.
Would you believe, you mounted me.
Didn't you know it's useless to repress your dreams?
Catching a train of thoughts & moments.
Never restrain, the road is open.
Wouldn't you wish that you somehow could be roaming around?
I'm sorry, i'm not coming down.

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