Delbert McClinton

Nothin' Last Forever

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I been all the way up
I been all the way down
Round about the middle there's some common ground
But nothin' lasts forever
Nothin' lasts forever
So while you're sittin' pretty
Got some money in your hand
Better get yourself an alternative plan

Let her know you need her,
Write her love letters
Boy you gonna lose her if you don't treat her better
Nothin' lasts forever
Nothin' lasts forever
So have a good time
And try to string a few together
Remember what I told you, nothin' lasts forever

There's lotsa ways in but just one way out
And I damn sure know what I'm talkin' about

Line up all your demons
Little by the bigger
Get a bead on them
And then pull the trigger

Don'tcha let them last forever
Nothin' lasts forever
It's alright to let the good time roll
But try to exercise a little self-control
Nothin' lasts forever...
Nothin' lasts forever...

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