Number 512

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[woman] Okay, but what's it gonna be?
[Jandek] Just talk yourself into it, it'll be number 512
[woman] Talk yourself into number 512, okay
[Jandek] (Lamb are you, huh?)
[woman] I have found it's very simple
[woman] To talk yourself into number five twenty-one
[Jandek] One
[woman] With a shot of Cadillac club
[Jandek] We're almost there
[Jandek] Five two one
[woman] What we need very quickly is a change
[woman] A real change, okay?
[woman] And immediately we will change the pace
[woman] Because we're tired of this one
[woman] Okay? Let us change the pace
[woman] Oh boy did you ride?
[woman] Don't got a ride that night
[woman] All I heard about drummers must be true
[woman] To stand there lookin' at you
[woman] Fast, somebody's got to go fast with me
[woman] Because oh god, I get so bored
[Jandek] One