Keep of Kalessin


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Greet the Obliterator
He's here to end your life
Coldblooded - hardhearted
His ways are the ways of destruction
just for the sake of destruction
Dark grey smoke enshroud the sun
from countless fires in the distance
Of fear the ground is trembling
cries and screams all fill the silence
Total obliteration is coming this way
If you believe in gods, it's times to pray
Feel the warm winds growing warmer
Sence the smell of sulphur fires
The earth is in flames - the soil turns black
The manifestation of a failed world
spring and summer, greet the fall it's time to end it all
This is the last day of the human race
Dies ater -
...dies illa solvet saeclum in favilla
Give 'em hell
Obliterator - Give 'em hell
(The black day -
...this day all of mankind shall be burnt to ashes)

Writer/s: Keep of Kalessin

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