Ode To Queen Ayrenn

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This song's for our queen, our beautiful elf
Who would not be held up there on a shelf
She sang and she danced, and she studied the past
But her time as princess, it would not last
Ayrenn, ayrenn,
Where have you been?
No time for court intrigue
And now you rule as queen

She ran from the dresses, she ran from the pomp
She could not right stomach more high elven wrong
Our future leader sailed from our shores
To high rock, skyrim, and more
Now what did she do while she was away?
She met sword-dancers and taught them to sway
Fought bears, ran dungeons, drank mead with the nords
Not once was she ever bored

When push came to shove and her father lay dead
She aimed for the isles to put a crown on her head
And we welcomed her back
With a cheer and a dance
Now let's all at once, now eagles advance!
Ayrenn, ayrenn,
You are a great queen
We toast to your health
By moon, stars, and green