Lucky Boys Confusion

Of Course

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Stop, I know why you're running
Wait, I know what you're saying
We've been spinning around in circles going nowhere
Simple, if that's how you hide it
Complex, if that's how you see it
Just depends on where you stand and what you've walked through

Give me all your tired and angry

If the whole world is my enemy, I feel no remorse
Let anyone step, I'll match them eye to eye of course
Go, if you're staying to please me
Stand off; don't threaten to leave me
I wouldn't want to stay where I didn't feel welcome
I speak but you're not listening
Shout do you know what you're missing
Imagine where we'd be if you weren't so defensive
I chased it, I faced it, I couldn't erase it
The freedom I tasted, I couldn't replace it
I never questioned your suggestions
But your every action is my detection
Of your hesitation or lack of patience
To feel the elation, from your own creation
You won't offend me by staying behind
But how I unwind, is how I unwind
Loyalty coated honesty, half the time seems right to me
You want the truth could you have slept if you'd have known it
Loyalty coated honesty, at the time seemed right to me
Oh, was I wrong, I'd have left if I'd have known it

Writer/s: Adam Krier / Kaustubh Pandav

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