Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

Oh Ginny!

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He never thought she'd be
The one that he desired
Even though all these years
He was the one who she admired
"How could this be?"
He wonders while in the common room
He's thinking 'bout love

Ginny, my dear, what can I say
You make me feel oh so special
But I don't think there is a way
For me to solve this riddle
I got a job I have to do
So I have something to say to you
Ginny, I'm sorry, but my dear we're through

She never thought that he
Would come around for her
Even though all these years
He was the one that she preferred
"I can't believe he's mine."
She smiles while in the common room
She's thinking 'bout love

You know we had such a good time
If only for a while
If there was a way that I could stay
You know that I would
But I must protect the things that I love
And my love is you
So don't shed a tear, baby I'm here
And fighting for you

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