Loudon Wainwright III

Older Than My Old Man Now

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If I remain still
If I am alone and silent long enough to hear the sound of my own blood
Breathing or digesting about the rustling of leaves the world of refrigerator
My father is likely to turn up
He just arrived on bidding on running film of my thoughts
Like Hitchcock and his pictures
And he looks of all these 40 plus years of ?
Just much like himself big and hairs hands with ? at the back of his hands
Perhaps a little more defeated the way it holds himself than I have remembered
He doesn’t stay long and as far as I can tell his visit has no message
Yet years of therapy have left me and make the dark ? claim that he is finally dead and gone
My father who died when I was seventeen continues to be my principle ghost
A lifelong and announced grease only my own end will finish it

Older than my old man now
He died at 63 that is way too young
Now you got to feed me now you got to need me
Now I feel like a hitler son sixty four is awful
You don’t know what can happen next
I am older than my old man ever was
I try to keep it in context
I am older than my old man
His father died and 43 now is all grey
I got 20 years more I guess we have to wait and see
I wasn’t sure the day will come
I have been living underneath his ?
I don’t feel so free I don’t feel like me
Now that I don’t have no place to run
I am older than my old man now
I guess that means I kicked his ass
Just that you have survived ? nobody is sure exactly why
Everybody has to die
Still it comes this ? know you got to go
And the world is gonna pass you by
I am older than my old man
I am older than my old man ever was
I try to keep it in context
I am older than my old man ever was
I am guilty to outlive my ex

Writer/s: Loudon Wainwright III

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