Lucifer's Friend

Old Man Roller

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You had better watch out yeh
when this cat is around he's motorbike child
he just takes to the road,
a riding chicken alone,
man I tell you he's wild.
With his hair greased back
he hits the track
be it town or freeway
he rides speedway,
old man roller just gets going - yeh
Rock an rollin' giving everything he got
When he's dancin'he rocks around the clock
just a rollin' his everything in life is rock'n roll
rock and rollin' he twists the night away
got a joke box and rock is all it
plays just a rollin'he doesn't have a care
just rock'n roll
He still lives in the fifties, yeh
it seems that the times went and left him behind
everytime he's in town the people gather around
think he's out of his mind
(Mid Chorus)
He really doesn't give a damn
what people think of him
they call him old man roller
they laugh behind his shoulder
they call him old man roller
rock and rollin', rock and rollin'.

Writer/s: Lucifer's Friend

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