Olympic Dreams

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No day before
So full of deep devotion
And in my heart
I feel a strong emotion
Olympic fire
Wakes my desire
To join in the games of the world
So far awaythe day's of pain and sorrow
Enjoy the games
There's a new tomorrow
Let's share the story
Of fame and glory
The party of friendship for all
Goin' for Olympic dreams
Goin' for the gold
Goin' for the medals
That I never thought I'd hold
Flyin' on the wings of freedom
Reachin' for the sky
The Olympic dreams will never die
The time has comejust do it now or never
A star is born
And it will last forever
And celebrations
It's only one moment in time
The winner really takes it all
No loser will be standing small
So come on let us celebrate together