MC Eiht

Once Upon a Time N' The Ghetto

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You know how the fuck we do it
It's thug shit
Y'all wit' me?
C'mon, geah

Once upon a time in the ghetto you're stuck
In the ghetto you're fucked
Ah - press your luck
I said once upon a time in the ghetto
You're through
Once upon a time in the ghetto
It's like you

Check it out

My life has been like gun blast every night
Stop the car, searched down with a flashlight
Where's the gun? where's the dope?
The drive-by last week they try to pin, there's no hope
Wishin' I wasn't the victim, better yet the suspect
Waitin to run a warrant check
What set you from? what side of town?
Nigga like you must be ready to get down
Hold up now, cause I start to speak my mind
I question the place of the ride and what time
Speak your mind one more time, you're through
They found a bullet that I stashed in my shoe
Fuck, now they gon' tear up the car
Try to lock me in a cell that's as tight as a jar
But that's the way it's goin' down, the gang story's told
Tomorrow might be the same episode

Writer/s: A. Tyler