Joe Pug

One Of Many

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As the only child for a hundred miles
Livin' in the land of plenty
You could raise your cup any time you want
Never find it empty

But your plate was flush and you had so much
And others had not any
As you lay in bed while they shaved your head
Now you're one of many
Oh and now you're one of many

It was hard to breath when you knew no need
The crown it lay so heavy
At night you slept underneath your bed
Both your pistols ready

But they stole your robes and now your clothes
Won't sell for penny
You're free to rest your naked chest
No you're one of many
Oh and now you're one of many

When the sirens cried in the afternoon
Did your mouth go dry, did your
Was it louder than a drum in an empty room?
Did it strike so hard as it rang so true?

As a traveler in a wider world
The road was never friendly
So you turned around, you were homeward bound
At the tender age of twenty

When you arrived you cried to find
Your mother had no memory
Once you were her only child
Now you're one of many
Oh, now you're one of many

Writer/s: Joe Pug