Delbert McClinton

One of the Fortunate Few

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Well, for one thing, there was a whole lot of guys
Who would've liked to have been in my shoes
But the upkeep on a woman like that
Will give an old poor boy the blues

Still the pleasure was worth the pain
Of everything she put me through
And I consider myself one of the fortunate few

Yeah and another thing she wasn't just good looking
Her imagination just wouldn't quit
She'd make you do things you never thought about
And things you wouldn't want to admit

There must be somebody else out there
That feels about her like I do
And I consider myself one of the fortunate few

It felt so good to hurt so bad
The best and the worst that I ever had
I know I bit off a little more than I could chew
Still, I consider myself, one of the fortunate few

Well, the last thing I'm gonna tell you
Some things are better left unsaid
A gentleman don't go talkin' about
What happens in a woman's bed

That's all I've got to say
I'll leave the rest up to you
But I consider myself one of the fortunate few

Writer/s: Delbert McClinton / Gary Nicholson / Tom Hambridge

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