Jeff Bates

One Second Chance

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It says here you're from Houston
And you're certified to drive a truck
But it doesn't say what you've been doin'
For the last five years
Then he watched his eyes keep readin'
Then he watched his eyes look up
And he watched another job he needed just disappear

‘Cause when they get to the line
Have you been convicted of a crime
They say thanks for comin' and they don't call you back
I ain't askin' for every job under the sun
I just want one
Second chance

On august 22nd
Little Jacob's turnin' nine
But his momma moved him
A half a state away
I left another message
On her phone at home last night
And she finally had her lawyer
Call today

She knows he can't afford
To take this thing to court
And I'm tryin' hard to make her understand
I'm not askin' for every weekend of every month
I just want one
Second chance

I was young and I was stupid
I regret it everyday
I ain't saying I didn't do it
But I've paid for my mistakes
It's a lost and empty feeling when they don't want you around
I've finally got my freedom but what good is it now

There's some day's when it feels like it's been a 100 years
Sometimes it seems like only yesterday
We were painting Jacob's nursery
Counting days until he was here
Next thing I knew I'd thrown it all away
Now I know I can't go back
To the life I used to have
When I still held the whole world in my hands
I had a job I had a wife I had a son
Now I just want one
Second chance

Writer/s: Arlis Albritton / Dave Turnbull / Chris Dubois

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