Gene Watson

One Too Many Times

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Sadness all that's a teardrop fall from your baby's eyes
And regret should be the feeling cause it's you that made her cry
And shame is the price you pay for being so unkind
And loneliness is the just reward for that one too many times

For that one too many times may be your last time last time
And your last chance to show you're really not that kind
You may fool around and put her down just to see what she will do
But that just this once may be the one too many times for you

Too many times too much pride inside to cry again cry again
And to satisfy your childish games you always have to win
And what will you say was the cause when she’s gone and she's gone
You can blame it on your one too many times
Oh too many...
You can blame it on your one too many times

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