One Truth

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I want to make it known just how satan works,
He puts imitations in your world, hiding Jesus from your heart.
Lies that make sense, they'll control your mind.
If you never see his snare, you'll never know you're blind.
He made the reality of God seem just like a game.
If any more than one, if you believe one you can play.
Serving God is now religion, each to his own.
In a world of no truth, to his evil lies you're prone...

In the midst of all these theories, there can only be one truth.
In the midst of all these doctrines, there can only be one truth.
In all the world's religions there can only be one truth.
Quite believing lies.

Right now the thief, he has your flesh eyes blinded.
Whatever you are trying to find in this world.
You'll never find it.
There is a heaven above, as well as there's a hell.
Why not except it now.
Why have to see it for yourself,
you say you're alright because in God you believe.
Well satan believes it too, and he trembles at his name.
You must think we are here just to rot and die away.
We're here on earth to make a choice to choose our destiny!