Only For You

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Verse 1
T'Cha!, This feeling, this feeling ohhh
This feeling is coming over me
Cant explain the way u make ma heart beat faster
its a disaster, all of ma self control im letting go ohhh

I will do anyting anything only for u
Give ma lyf more than twice if u want me to
I will do anything, anything only for u, only for u, for u

Verse 2:
I dream about u when im sleeping
Visions of you haunt me thru the day
I'm not okay until i see u, feel u, touch u, need u-uuuuuoooo


Verse 3:
I wanna give everything that i have
All the love i give to ma man, im devoted he understands,
T'cha im willin to sacrifice for whole love
The feelings i have here are so strong whether it is alright
Or whether it is wrong
This feeling is coming over me
Can't explain the way u make me feel

[Chorus] X 2

for u, for u, for u , for u, feelin it