Only the Good (Die Young)

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A blade in the back, don't please attack
A knife in your back, won't fight back
A blade in our back, go go attack
A knife in your back, please fight back
Harder they come run boy run
Fight fight stand by your rights
He's too young to die, he hopes but still tries
And that what a rebel cried

Only the good die young
Only the good die young
Survive staying alive
Alive we will survive
Only the good die young

Crawl into a coffin six feet in the ground
Down down don't want him around
Don't break his bones find he's not stone
You know you'll never hurt him
Stronger they come they think they have
But no they haven't killed him
Life without time, that just a crime
A life time without mercy
You said to achieve it's not just a dream
But the good die young


Writer/s: Billy Currie / Rusty Egan / Steve Strange