On My Mind Tonight

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The moths at the window,
They can see the light.
The crickets crick in the dark.
My pen runs out of ink,
As I start to write
The feelings that are in my heart.
This headache won't subside;
I've got you on my mind tonight.
The silence of the telephone
Doesn't bother me,
But I wish that it would ring.
I'm confined to quarters;
I'm in solitary;
I'm the man who would be king.
The small hand's on the five.
I've got you on my mind tonight.

The loneliness for loving you
Is some price to pay,
But are my pockets deep enough.
The chorus of the morning
Keeps me awake,
So busy with the thoughts of love.
As I slowly close my eyes,
I've got you on my mind tonight.

Just as I go off to sleep
A car pulls up, I hear a beep.

Good night.

Writer/s: Chris Difford / Glenn Tilbrook