Tim Be Told


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Verse 1
Why am i such in a rush to be somebody?
leaving behind all the things I'd rather be
I don't know how success ever mattered to me
daddy always told me only doctors and some lawyers succeed
in what we call the present day
my mama always said that I would never stand a chance in this world
singing' my life away
I may never be a times square poster
and I'll never be on a popular magazine
I may never be an actor on the big screen
and I don't remember if I ever cared at all

I'm just an ordinary guy
just getting by
riding the tide trying to hide
I'm just an ordinary face
finding my place
you won't remember my name
after I go away

Verse 2
Everyone tells me I'm a rare condition
and maybe that God has a different plan for me
I don't presume to know
the reason's a mystery
people always telling me that I am something special
well it's too much pressure to take
the preacher always told me that Jesus might be watching me
throwing my life away
I may never be a perfect person
but I'll do my best to try to make you happy
and I will never meet your expectations
but I never cared at all

Count to thirty look around you can't find me
funny how I blend so well w
the mob scene
Twenty years and I'm still empty handed
and I'm still here fading away