Pearl Pearl Pearl

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Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, come let us see our girl
Are you still our valentine? Do you still look so divine?
Come and let us see our darlin' Pearl

Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, don't give your love to Earl
I have got a horse and mule, Forty acres near a school
We'll be happy as two bugs

Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, come be my loving girl
Don't you marry Lester Flatt, He slicks his hair with possum fat
Change your name to Mrs. Earl Scruggs

Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, you'll get no love from Earl
This here man is such a sap, He won't hold you on his lap
Unless you are an old 5-string banjo

Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, he's nutty as a squirrel
If you'll be Mrs. Scruggs, We'll live on kisses and hugs
Like Juliet and Romeo.

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