Our Family

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Los tiempos son duros, son deficil
No entiendo por que hubo tanto sacrificio
Tal vez es que no fuimos tan afortunados
Esos tiempos han pasado por que a cada cual nos amamos

Trabajando para vivir en tiempos malos
No aceptamos perder asi
Me dieron lo que no pudieron tener
Y no dejo que pase un dia sin darle gracias a el
Con dios estoy bien

Los tiempos duros se mejoran estamos muy bien
Pero el dinero nunca sobra
Sabes para mi ese dinero no me importa
Yo tengo mi familia lo mas importante en me vida

Esto es para mi madre ella me enseño a querer
Y para mis ermanos que me ayudaron mantener
Esto es para mi padre
Me dio la fuerza para defender
Para toda mi gente y dios por el poder

I thank God and all Family did their best
And now it's up to me


The times are hard, are deficil I do not understand Perhaps so that there was as much sacrifice is that we were not so lucky Those times have happened so that everyone we loved ourselves Working to live in bad times we did not accept to lose asi gave Me what they could not have and I do not leave spends a day without thanking to him to With God I am well The hard times improve we are very well But the money never surplus You know for my that money does not concern I to me I have my family but important in me the life This is for my mother she I am taught to want and for my ermanos that helped to maintain me This is for my father gave the force to defend Me For all my people and God by the power I thank God and all Family did to their best And now it's up to me

Writer/s: Freddy Cricien / Matt Henderson / Will Shepler