Our Ultras

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Fan is a master of a stadium,
And cruel street fighter.
A king of tribunes, the nightmare of OMON,
He can beat anyone.

He is a champion of fights without rules,
If it's the third period, than the blood flows as a river.
He has put a new record again,
By smashing the enemy with the steel hand.

Into football the gates are opened
For a hooligan and a skin.
It's the game for a patriot,
For a common Russian guy.

Our Ultras (2 times), the cruel power of skinheads,
Our Ultras (2 times), sport is a deal of White People.
Our Ultras (2 times), for everything to be better.
Let all the fans to be in the authorities of right-wing
Aryan ideas!

Chains, brass knuckles, armature, iron pipes will be used by the skillful hand.
The fan will defend the honour of his favourite club
And will return the vicrory after the match.

If the enemy doesn't surrender, he will be destroyed,
The roses of adversary are taken off and are trampled into mud,
Ultras are cruel and angry, the blood doesn't worry them,
And to pacifists they answer:

We, the soldiers of football, can't be judged by anyone,
We've beaten other clubs and will beat,
We are the elite of sports, it's pride and honour,
Skinheads ultras crew - we've been and exist now.

And we'll forever stand here!

Here is Eurocup of champion,
A sign of victories in my land,
The nightmare of militia (and piece of shit cops), archenemy of OMON,
The final goal - the enemies have no hope.

The stadium has opened the gates again
For a ultra right skin.
It means that fighting work is waiting again
For a common town guy.


Our Ultras (2 times), white loyality to Aryan ideas,
Our Ultras (2 times), life as sports, is eternal fight.
Skinhead ultras, skinhead ultras crew - we own the stadium.
Everything can happen, but the fan stays himselfs
And believes in the club.